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Cynthia Maldo

An ESL Teacher with a BA in Education & specialization in pre-school and Hispanic studies. Fluent English, Spanish. French intermediate. +10years teaching IELTS, OET, MCQ, MCCEE, WRITTEN, TOEFL examinations.

Hi there, my background is half Australian, half Hispanic. Since I remember at home, we were proud to be a bilingual family, English & Spanish. After high school, I went directly to study marketing just for 2 years. Then, I wasn’t sure what to do, so I took several courses about medicine, dentistry, etc. Then I swap to Tourism, I ended up graduating from Tourism Administration with major in international relations. I work as a Travel Adviser in Sydney for some 5 years. I enjoyed this time of my life working and traveling cheap a lot to Thailand, Malaysia, UK, USA, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Aruba, Bermudas, Jamaica, New Zealand and of course all over Australia many times by plane and road. Such a great experience been a citizen of the world.

While traveling to get by, I took several courses in TEFL teaching, typing course and migrant agent. I survive with money from the last two.After I came back to university and study an BA in Education with a major in young kids. Now I’m studying online my Master in Hispanic Studies to specialize in teaching Spanish language and culture. As soon as I finished my bachelor, I only had in my mind to travel to Peru for a Spanish Internship to master my speaking and written language. It took me some months to organize all, and in no time I was already living in Lima looking for a job.My teaching working experience in Peru is mainly in English, French & Spanish personal tuition.

I’ve got more than 10 years helping and inspiring professionals, students and kids. My specialties are Early-kids; I teach them since 2 years old to high school SAT preparation. To Adults; I’ve helped them to increase their fluency, develop conversational and listening skills, preparing them for job interviews, traveling and survival situations in business trips. To professionals; I’ve developed a unique methodology emphasizing in the Australian pronunciation and listening to facilitate their understanding of this peculiar accent to pass successfully their examinations; IELTS, OET, MCQ, WRITTEN, MCCEE, and TOEFL.

Because my previous background in medicine and dentistry in Australia, my main students have been doctors, odontologists, nurses, surgeons, radiologist, etc who want to study a residency, postgraduate or work in Australia or Canada. I offer them not just preparation courses, but also advice, tips in how to obtain their homologacion, license and apply to residencies, postgraduates and masters programs abroad.

At the moment, I’m a coordinator and the head teacher of One to One International, a Language School in Peru. If you need any help with your languages, here’s how to contact me, – Here I left their full details.

Love to hear your comments and specially people passionate about languages…..Cynthia M.


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Any Enquiries to: (00511) 4224152 – FB: One to One International